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Amber Kinetics 25 KWH Flywheel Energy Storage Device
Kapolei, Hawaii
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
April 2017 - May 2017
Project Description:

Amber Kinetics flywheel systems offer an alternative method of storing electrical energy from traditional batteries.  The flywheel system works by converting electrical energy into kinetic energy for storage and then back to electrical energy when needed at a later time.  Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) desired to install a 25 Kilowatt Hour (KWH) Amber Kinetics flywheel energy storage system at their test facility in Kapolei.  Kalvio was selected as the engineering consulting firm to help with the integration of the flywheel system into HECO’s test facility.


The installation of the 25 KWH flywheel system is the first ever kinetic energy storage system integrated into the electrical grid in Hawaii and is also the world’s first commercially available, four-hour flywheel energy storage system.  The flywheel and related equipment have no emissions and require no storage or disposal of hazardous chemicals.


Kalvio reviewed the electrical design and integration of the Amber Kinetics Gen2 Model 25 energy storage system into the existing electrical distribution system at HECO’s test facility.  Kalvio also provided the professional electrical engineering seal on the construction drawings to install the system.


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